The Jeep brand has many exciting vehicles for sale, and there are also newer exciting options that provide a bit of electrification. These are the 4xe trims, which are plug-in hybrids in the Jeep vehicle lineup. But, when will a fully electric Jeep vehicle arrive? Sooner than you might think!

Stellantis, which is Jeep's parent company announced recently that it is looking to bring the first fully electric Jeep to dealerships like ours by 2023. The vehicle hasn't been named and we don't know if it will use an existing model, or it will be an entirely brand new option. This is one of 100 launches for new vehicles, many electric options from the automaker and its parent company that is set to happen for 2030.

It's cool to know that the vehicles we enjoy so much here in Stockton, as well as Modesto, Lodi and Sacramento area, are moving toward a future where they are fully electric and provide us with many enjoyable options, all free from fossil fuels, while still delivering the same performance we expect from brands like Jeep.

We'll be sure to follow all the details and keep you updated. If you have any questions on any future vehicles, or current plug-in hybrid options here at the dealership, get in touch with us and you can learn more and take a test drive.

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